My First Real Hive Inspection!

Me Using Liquid Smoke During my Hive Inspection

Everything looks great inside.  I took off the hive top and bees were all on top of the inner cover.  As a new beekeeper, I really do not know if this is a good thing or not but the bees appeared to be okay.

Bees on top of inner cover.

Removing top brood box.

I will admit, I added  this top brood box too soon.  I did not wait for the bees to finish the two outer frames in the bottom brood box.  Lesson learned!

I think this is a good sign of healthy honey bees. What do you think?

I’m happy with everything at that point. Stay tuned to next blog.

African American Beekeeper

2 Responses to “My First Real Hive Inspection!”
  1. Monica Kowal says:

    They look great! You’re doing a great job! Just FYI: they may never draw out the outter frames in the brood box. That’s very common. What you can do is rotate those frames to the inside and move two drawn out frames to the outside. Then they’ll draw them out. Keep up the good work!

  2. Lorri Mason says:

    I just performed a hive inspection over the weekend as well. I too add a second brood box and honey super too soon, however they are doing just fine. My honey super is two frames away from being harvested glad I placed the queen excluder on the honey is clean & cap. What they did do as well is build out the inner frames on the second brood box with honey as well.

    On this inspection I found 3-hive beetles so installed two hive beetle traps and added jars of sugar water one on top cover and front entrance. Wil peek in on them after a week to see how things are looking…..

    I uploaded the hive inspection video to my garden facebook page. (Stems n Roots)

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