Dead Bees Don’t Stay For Long

Today, I witnessed worker bees cleaning up some dead honey bees  that apparently had gotten trapped under the “entrance feeder.”  I read that they removed them but did not realize how quickly they go to work getting them out of the hive. As you can see in the video clip above, the dead bees don’t stay for long.

As the clip plays, if you concentrate on the far left and middle of the hive’s entrance, you will see two dead bees. One dead bee is closer to the left edge of the  entrance and the other dead be is near the center. A few worker bees dragged and pushed one of the dead bees off the entrance area and some other workers later lifted and flew off with the other dead bee from the center of the entrance.  Stay focused as the clip plays to make sure you see the main events.   Hopefully, you will be able to virtually witness these “amazing creatures” in action.

African American Beekeeper

One Response to “Dead Bees Don’t Stay For Long”
  1. Dalyn says:

    Like the video.

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