The Downside of Beekeeping

It is the first week of spring and although I see great evidence of pollination taking place in the backyard, the sad news is the honeybees gathering the pollen and nectar from my peach tree do not belong to either of my hives.   This is because my two hives did not survive the last winter … Continue reading


Go Look at the Honey!

I was clearing out some videos and photographs from my iPhone to free up space and came across an old video of my son in the apiary! He wanted to come see me do a hive inspection but I did not have an appropriately sized bee suit for him. To ensure his safety and satisfy … Continue reading

Straight From the Hive; No Chaser

  Sometimes, I take my honey straight from the hive in its most natural state. No spinning and separating. I simply cut the honeycomb from the frame. I jar it. I store it. Later, I eat it like candy. I chew it like gum. It’s my medicine! It is good. It is really good! Raw. … Continue reading

Interested in Learning Beekeeping?

One of the best ways is to find a local beekeeping club near you. In these clubs, you will find a network of beekeeper enthusiasts, professionals, and beginners sharing their knowledge, experiences, and passions about everything honeybees. Most clubs meet once a month where experienced beekeepers provide a plethora of information and topics regarding honeybees. … Continue reading

Wild Hive Discovery

My Wild Honey Bee Hive Discovery This is my first time discovering a wild bee hive in a tree.  I have seen wild honey bees in an old abandon house before but never in a hole of a tree.  This photo was taken in December 2015 on the campus of the University of South Carolina. … Continue reading

My Bees Swarm – Spring 2016

The Bees Have Swarmed 2016 It was only a few days before the official start of spring; the grass and weeds had begun growing full speed. It was grass-cutting time. Besides, it was on my list of things to do. As I stepped off the back porch, I heard a big commotion happening in my adjacent … Continue reading

Leftover Beeswax, What to Do?

  After filtering my honey, I have lots of leftover beeswax because of the crushed honey processing method I use. What does one do with the beeswax? Well, there are many uses for beeswax from making candles, using it in home cosmetics (lotions and lip balms) and even in using polishing furniture, just to name … Continue reading

Crushed Sweetness!

I cannot let go of my crush!  After harvesting this year’s honey, I thought I would end my relationship with my honeybees.  Grabbing the mostly filled honey super– I left my bee yard as if I would never return.  As far as I was concerned, they were on their own.  What ever will be, will … Continue reading

No Hive Beetle Infestations This Year!!!

I have not blogged in a while and the truth is because of the hive beetles infesting my hives; I have been on the fence about continuing my journey as a beekeeper.  While it’s a very rewarding job and I feel like I am helping out the environment by keeping bees, dealing with those pesky … Continue reading

Moved my hive in a new sunny location

I did my research and learned that when moving the hive: 1) Wait until dusk or night time to ensure all bees have returned to the hive. 2) Move hive to desired location.  I used screened wire to cover the front entrance. Once I got it in place, I removed it. 3) Once at new … Continue reading