Interested in Learning Beekeeping?

One of the best ways is to find a local beekeeping club near you. In these clubs, you will find a network of beekeeper enthusiasts, professionals, and beginners sharing their knowledge, experiences, and passions about everything honeybees.

Most clubs meet once a month where experienced beekeepers provide a plethora of information and topics regarding honeybees. The meetings are usually free to the public. The clubs also host beekeeping courses to get you on your way. One of the clubs in Atlanta is the “Metro Atlanta Beekeeping Association” This club meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 7pm at the Atlanta Botanical Garden in Mershon Hall.

Not in Atlanta?

Check out this website for Georgia Beekeepers to find a local club near you.

Not in Georgia?

Check out this website for North American Beekeeping.


Happy Beekeeping!

2 Responses to “Interested in Learning Beekeeping?”
  1. Ron says:

    Hi are you in Atlanta?

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