The Downside of Beekeeping

It is the first week of spring and although I see great evidence of pollination taking place in the backyard, the sad news is the honeybees gathering the pollen and nectar from my peach tree do not belong to either of my hives.   This is because my two hives did not survive the last winter freeze.   Apparently, the hives were too weak to make it through winter and into spring.   Not enough honey stored or bees to cluster and keep the hive warm equal a dead hive.

I will be ordering two nucs this week if it is not too late. I will keep my fingers crossed.

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4 Responses to “The Downside of Beekeeping”
  1. ramemhotep says:

    First, hope you have better results this year. Second this is just part of Bees, I’ve only kept Bees for 5/6 years but I’ve seen packages fly off the second they’ve been placed in a hive, I’ve seen a swarm move in on a hive that was occupied, etc. Bee Guardian ship takes patience in our current environment. I know Bees are expensive and we become attached to them, but over time we can slowly get the Bees Back. Hang in, for every set back there is a wonderful experience and world of good.

    • Thanks for reading my blog and especially for the encouraging words! I really needed to hear that! I ordered two nucs that will be ready in a couple of weeks so I will be back at it soon. Again thanks!

  2. Ericka Sandifer says:

    i am really sorry to read about your hive, i hope you did better this year!
    I wonder if you ever sell your honey or wax?

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