Caught my First Swarm 2012

The Swarm 2012
Preparing Hive

Preparing Hive For Swarm

Cutting Branch Off Bush With Honey Bees

Removing branch from bush where the swarm has landed.

Carefully moving swarm to new hive location.

Lifting branch over hive body.

Shake the branch dumping bees into box as if they were packaged bees you just received from the post office.

Most of the bees should bee in the hive.

Place remaining frames in hive.

Place top on hive very carefully not crushing any bees.

I forgot about my inner cover.

I forgot about the inner cover.

They appear to bee happy.

Feed them and hopefully they won't stray!

5 Responses to “Caught my First Swarm 2012”
  1. Monica Kowal says:

    These are great images! Congratulations. Catching a swarm is very exciting. And you look like you’ve got the process down-pat. Hope to hear more on this colony’s development.

  2. Thanks Monica! It really got my adrenaline going….

  3. I would love to talk to you about being a guest on my podcast.
    I will be attempting to capture a feral swarm this Spring.
    Please consider us.

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