The Bees Are Coming! The Bees Are Coming!

The bees are finally here. This evening, I went to pick them up from “Buster Bees” located in Jonesboro Georgia.  This day seemed like it would never come.  I was anxious, excited, scared, and nervous about this day.  It’s almost like getting married.  Well, I guess it is very similar.  We will have each other until death do us part.  All jokes aside, I am very happy and cannot wait to dive into beekeeping.

It was night-time when I picked them up.  It had to be, because the bees do not return to their hives until about dusk.  When I got home, I immediately placed the “nuc” of  bees in their apiary location where they will permanently reside.  I released the front-screened door of the nuc box to allow the bees their freedom to forge when daytime temperatures and the weather conditions permit them to do so.

When weather permits and conditions are right for the bees, I will remove them from the nuc box and into their new home, an eight frame traditional garden hive that I purchased from “Dadant” beekeeping supply company.

Stay tuned. I will keep you posted.

African American Beekeeper


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