Weather Not So Great Today! Bees Will Stay in Their Nuc Box.

The weather is so so today.  It’s cloudy with a little over cast.  We are expecting rain and even some storms to roll through later.  I see the bees buzzing around the apiary.  They have found their water source, a faux rock flowerpot that I am using to store it.  I have some twigs and old wine corks floating  in the water so that the bees can access it without falling in and possibly drowning.  I actually had to rescue one that fell in while I was out photographing images for this post.

I am anxious about moving them to their new hive  but will wait to see if the sun comes out.  Honeybees do not like to be worked in cloudy or cool conditions.  This is why conditions must be right before working them. This may take another day or so. Once conditions are right, I will take the frames out of the nuc box and place them in the brood box in the same order.  As you can see, the nuc box is sitting on the hive’s bottom board.  This is done the night before so the bees can orient themselves to their new location.  Once the frames with bees are installed in the new hive, I will remove the nuc box and set the permanent hive up.

Nuc box on top of bottom board

I will keep you posted!

African American Beekeeper

One Response to “Weather Not So Great Today! Bees Will Stay in Their Nuc Box.”
  1. D.A. says:

    This is all very interesting and intriguing to learn about. I read the blog and find the pictures also helpful in understanding the progressive journey of your beekeeper experience. Thanks for sharing and please keep us all informed of your established apiary.

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