Wild Hive Discovery

My Wild Honey Bee Hive Discovery

This is my first time discovering a wild bee hive in a tree.  I have seen wild honey bees in an old abandon house before but never in a hole of a tree.  This photo was taken in December 2015 on the campus of the University of South Carolina.  Very interesting!  I tried capturing the golden glow of the bees as they flew to and from the hole as the sun shined but could not get the right angle with my iPhone camera.  You can see the combs hanging inside on the image to the right.

Have you had a chance to discover wild honey bees?

Happy Beekeeping!



3 Responses to “Wild Hive Discovery”
  1. ramemhotep says:

    Yes as a matter or fact I have removed wild hives into man made hives to great success. Word of caution I don’t no if Africanized bees have made it to your area or not but if the have this is potentially dangerous.
    Check with the local universities, DNR and especially if you have a group of local beekeeps.

    Bee cool bee kind
    Sm Htp

  2. ramemhotep says:

    Yes I have and have many successful transfers to man made hives.
    Word of caution, I don’t know if Africanized bees have made to your area. If so this is potential dangerous. Check with local universities, DNR and especially any local bee groups.
    Sm Htp

  3. Shelia Poole says:

    Hi, I’m interested in talking with African American beekeepers. I’m a reporter. Pls. email me your contact at spoole@ajc.com. thanks

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